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How Wrong Can a Modern Air Passenger Be in Making A Guess About What Used To Be in Washoe Valley?
by Peggy Trego, Nevada State Journal, January 10, 1952

55 Years Ago a Historian Looks Back at the “Early Days

Peggy Trego wrote several Western Nevada Historical articles for the local newspapers in the 1950s for their Sunday editions and is a valuable resource. Here’s an example with Washoe Valley as the subject. I placed this article on a separate page because of it’s length.


  1. jerry a taylor says:

    I had grown up there all my life. I will always conceder washoe valley the most wonderful place on earth. it will alwas be my home, and in my best dreams.the people I came acros and stores,and experiences will never leave me.

  2. Howard Kelley says:

    This article mentioned looking east and seeing the causeway that went to Virginity City. There is a picture of part of this causeway hanging on the wall at the Washoe Lake Ranger station. I would include it here but it doesn’t seem to let me.

    Am wondering if you would have any more pictures of what that stretch of road used to look like.

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