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Washoe Valley Alliance

Established in 2013 by local citizens, WVA is a member supported organization working with other organizations and individuals to educate and preserve the unique qualities of Washoe Valley. Join us in keeping Washoe Valley a haven in an urbanized northern Nevada. Memberships are only $20 a year.

For information on how you can participate, email us at washoevalleyalliance@gmail.com or visit our website at:


Celebrate Washoe Valley

Washoe Valley Alliance hosted a free event, Celebrate Washoe Valley, on May 17th at Washoe Lake State Park. It was a delightful day for the over 300 guests who attended to connect and learn more about the ways that government agencies and service organizations support, promote, and preserve Washoe Valley.

Washoe Lake State Park offered a free opportunity to enjoy the park. A new feature is the children’s play maze.

Washoe County Parks featured a map of the Washoe Valley Scenic Byway. They announced that the State of Nevada had approved the addition of the segment of the Scenic Byway through Old Washoe City.
A large display of firefighting and public safety equipment was provided by The U.S. Forest Service, Nevada Division of Forestry, Truckee Meadows Fire Department, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and the South Valleys Volunteer Fire Department. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the equipment and meet some of the people who protect us from wildfires, natural disasters and sometimes not-so-nice people.

The U.S. Forest Service brought along Smokey the Bear. It was a wonderful photo experience for both young and old.

The new Washoe Valley Canine Rehabilitation Center, located in the old Cattleman’s Restaurant building was present to explain their program and show off some of the dogs that are available for adoption. The staff of the Washoe Valley Veterinary Hospital was present to provide helpful information on caring for your pets.
If hunger or thirst struck while attending, Boy Scout Troop 150 served hot dogs, chips and drinks for a small donation. A representative from Washoe Valley Girl Scout Troop 1001 was present to explain their program to interested girls.
The Lahontan Audubon Society had a very informative booth with beautiful bird mounts. The Society periodically leads bird walks in Washoe Valley.
The Washoe Valley Garden Club along with Master Gardeners from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension were available to provide a wealth of information to local gardeners and landscapers.
The Bureau of Land Management table featured many great handouts and information on the Adopt a Horse program. The agency has been instrumental in helping to transition a large amount of private land into public use. This has helped to keep Washoe Valley and the adjacent foothills open and accessible.
Representatives of the Nevada Division of Forestry Nursery offered information on pest control and tree identification. The Nursery is a public resource which is open Thurs- Sat.  9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and offers many native plants for sale. Be sure to visit them.

Scenic Nevada was on hand to describe their efforts to fight blight, such as billboards, and to preserve the scenic beauty of Nevada. They helped to establish the Washoe Valley Scenic Byway and listed Washoe Valley as one of ten Last Chance Scenic Places in the state of Nevada that need protecting.
The Truckee Meadows Parks Foundation displayed a project which provides a photo documentary of our area parks. This photographic ‘trail’ can be used to insure that area parks are properly cared for.
The 4H High Sierra Riders outlined the horse riding program of the local 4H chapter. They had a very nice display of riding equipment.

During the entire event the musicians from the Northern Nevada Bluegrass Association (NNBA) provided music. The NNBA puts on the annual Bowers Mansion Bluegrass Festival. This is the 29th year for the festival and it will be held on August 15-17 at Bowers Mansion and Davis Creek Park.
Overall the Celebrate Washoe Valley event was a great success. Everyone seems to want to do it again!

Astronomy at Washoe Lake State Park

Not a Rattlesnake

Took a drive to the Mt. Davidson summit east of Washoe Valley and saw this little guy along the route. He looked suspicious sunning himself in the road but proved to be just a 24″ Nevada Gopher Snake and harmless. Not the right markings on the back, wrong shape head and no rattles so not a rattlesnake. I hear some rattlesnakes don’t have rattles so you can’t always be sure with that one. He didn’t seem too alarmed at me either and he took his time slithering off into the sage. We’ve seen lots of snakes out this spring so be careful. I’ve seen people use a shovel out in front of them to alert snakes when they are roaming the sage rockhounding or looking for artifacts. Seems like a good idea.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Washoe Lake State Park

Photo by Dianne Phelps Photography.

Business Profile: Tower Gardens

Want to grow your own produce?
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Join the Locavore Movement!

“We started growing our Tower Garden produce from “starter plants” to have a “jump start” on the process. We have learned a lot and want to share with you the convenience; simplicity, beauty, affordability and the health benefits of growing your own produce at home, no matter the season!” (“Roc’o” & Sheryl Kennedy)

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Solve a Mystery!

The only natural wildflower we have in the yard is this one. I have been through my 6 Sierra wildflower books and haven’t found it. It is a ground hugging plant that sends out short streamers with fern -like leaves and lavender flowers. It likes bare, sandy areas like the driveway, unfortunately for it. A variety of cinquefoil maybe? Any ideas?

That was quick! Thanks to Walt and Dan for identifying it as “Storksbill” from the geranium family. Here’s a link to a site that describes it: DesertUSA

Junk The Junipers Day


The Nevada Division of Forestry is holding a “Junk the Junipers” morning on May 10 for all of us wanting a place to take our sagebrush, junipers and other woody vegetation for fire prevention and reduction.  They are very specific about what yard waste they will accept.  No lawn clippings, sod, tree stumps larger than 8″ or any lumber.  The offering is also sponsored by Moana Nursery, and UNNCE.  The two fire departments are also supporting this one-time event.  It is likely this will be the ONLY time we will be able to dispose of this vegetation without a charge.  Please take advantage of this to rid our area of fire hazards.  You will also receive a 30% off coupon for a “good plant choice” shrub at Moana.  It will be held at 885 Eastlake Blvd., Washoe Valley.

Celebrate Washoe Valley Saturday

Celebrate Washoe Valley

Free Event for Washoe Valley Residents!

When: Saturday, May 17, 2014

Where: Washoe State Park Group Day Use Area (Main Entrance)

The residents of Washoe Valley are invited to participate on Saturday, May 17, 2014 from 10am to 2pm at Washoe Lake State Park. This event will be an opportunity to introduce the group to the citizens of Washoe Valley. Joining us will be representatives from Washoe Lake State Park, Washoe County Parks, Truckee Meadows Park Foundation, Scenic Nevada, the Washoe Valley Garden Club and other organizations. We have arranged with the State Park to allow all participants free entry into the park for this event. The event is located at the Main Entrance on Eastlake Blvd at the Group Day Area. We hope you will join us for this event in which we celebrate the history, culture and scenic wonders of Washoe Valley. For more information call Marilyn Naylor at 849-1078 or Karen Critor at 849-2375 or go to washoevalleyalliance.org.